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About the Process

Creating the clothes for Limeberry Drive was no easy process. This has taken me many months of trial and error until every detail was perfect. This page will take you in-depth into how Limeberry Drive came to be throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for supporting me and my vision. More coming soon...

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The first step of creating this brand was iterating through multiple designs for every piece. Each item in this collection cycled through multiple concepts and ideas until each design became finalized for production

After finalizing every design, everything is transferred and printed onto transparent pieces of paper. Once the transparency has been created, the screen needs to be built to the proper size to encompass the transparency design. Each screen was built by hand from wood and 110 mesh.


After a screen has been constructed, it was time to coat each screen in photosensitive emulsion to create a design through the screen. Each screen went through this process multiple times to ensure that every design would transfer perfectly.


Once a screen became perfectly coated in the emulsion, the next step was to expose the screen to light, burning the design into the screen. The design on a transparent piece of paper would be placed onto a freshly coated screen and a bright light would burn the design in. This would make the emulsion harden except for where the design was located. The design would act as sunglasses to the hardening emulsion, keeping every line fully in tact.


After about 30 minutes, the screen would be removed from the light and brought to a hose, where it would be rinsed down until the design would fall through the screen entirely. 

The screen would then be ready for printing! A garment would be stretched over a printing board; the screen is then placed on top of the garment and ink is run over the screen. The ink travels through the screen only where the design is located.


The Ink is cured with a heat gun to make sure it can withstand the washing and drying process. Once the ink has been completely cured, the garment is ready to be worn.

The shirt goes through a finalizing / packing process next, starting with sewing on a woven label to the garment. Once the woven labels were attached, a sticker would be attached to the item.


Each garment is then placed inside a custom poly bag with a thank you note in every order. A shipping label is stuck to the custom shipping bag and the item is then shipped to you! Thank you so much for purchasing, it means the world to me ♥️

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